Workshop 5 - Developing Better Sleep Habits

A. Stress can cause sleep problems. Developing better sleep habits can eliminate some of the unwanted stress.

The need for sleep is not the same for everyone. Some need more sleep than others and there are times we can go without much sleep. Because we can function without sleep, we often forget there are consequences of doing so. Some of the consequences seem minor like drowsiness, irritability or a lack of focus; although in a combat zone, they are not minor. The long-lasting consequence of not enough sleep may affect your physical, emotional and social health.

The short survey below may help you evaluate the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Diary for the Last Week

C. Difficulty falling or staying asleep are obvious indicator that you may need to improve the quality of your sleep. One of the best indicators of quality sleep is feeling rested and fresh throughout your day. Fortunately, many people can improve the quality of their sleep by following simple techniques. Use the list below to assess your behaviors that will lead to more healthy sleep.

D. Sleep Hygiene

E. Suggestions for Better Sleep

Practice these suggestions and sleep hygiene for 2 weeks.

E. A. Sleep Diary for the Week Following Your Completion of the Sleep Program